Authentic and versatile

Eljo’s selection has a range of unique and exclusive confectionery products that are specially made for the different seasons, holidays and special occasions, allowing you to create amusing, tasteful and surprising presentations for your customers. In other words, you always have something special to offer. New products are added to our range every year. A comprehensive selection, perfectly matched to your formula and packaging.

SAINT NICOLAS (theme for Benelux)

Sinterklaas (the day on which the Dutch speaking countries celebrate the Feast of St. Nicholas) is a family celebration that demands an exciting selection of heavenly treats. And this is something on which we have worked very hard. The successful introduction of our ‘happy Zwarte Pietje’ (Sinterklaas’ Moorish helper) was quickly followed by a matching St. Nicholas miter and “fondant culinair”. These unique designs are especially made for the feast of Sinterklaas.

CHRISTMAS – Family gathering with treats

To accompany the joyous atmosphere of Christmas, Eljo have produced a wide range of fine confectionery products of high quality. consisting of both the traditional and the modern – holy leaves, christmas wreaths and baubles as well as sparkling stars fondant stars. All positioned as a delicious and natural colorful alternative to chocolate in this period.

Be surprised by the cheerful design of the Santa Claus, or Christmas tree pendants! Each year we add new refreshing elements in this wide range.


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Suikerwerk hoort bij Pasen. Het wordt al iets warmer en onze pure en frisse fruitsmaken zullen het goed doen in uw assortiment. Wij hebben dan ook vele bijzondere paasfiguren voor u geselecteerd, zoals de massieve ‘ducks’ en de “fondant en fruit” kipjes. Eitjes zijn er in alle denkbare formaten met fruit, fondant of echt suikerwerk.

Mooie kleuren en schitterende smaak combinatie’s. Probeer ook onze Yoghurt smoothies met echt fruit.

QUEENSDAY (theme for the Netherlands)

A special day in the Netherlands, 30 April is the day on which the Queen’s birthday is celebrated. And to warm up for Queen’s Day, we have created a delicious array of confectionery products, all made, of course, in the traditional natural colours of the Netherlands – orange, red, white. This is something original to offer your customers in celebration of Queen’s Day. With the average temperature rising in the time of the year, our range is a very colorful and complementairy product to chocolate.

ALL YEAR ROUND  …delicious

This selection of Eljo has many original and exclusive confectionery products that focus on specific occasions, like weddings, gradution gifts, new baby gifts or just a “thank you…”. Whatever you’re customer is up to, our confectionery range will help them to do it in style – wrapped or packed in a packaging of your choosing. As a confectionery producer with a strong cooperation with our local fruit growers, we have selected the finest ingredients (100% natural) for our newest range “finest dutch confectionery”. You can be sure our finest confectionery range will thrill & exite.

Quality mark

Quality mark